How To Save Money At Lunchtime When Skiing or Boarding Vail Mountain

Saving Money Is Still Cool. Here Are Some Tips To Save Cash ON Vail Mountain & Still Have A Blast

Experiencing Vail for the first time is awe-inspiring, and guests return here for skiing adventures that are unsurpassed. Whether you are a seasoned traveler to the resort or a first timer, the price of dining out here tends to be startling. With these tips from locals on how to save some cash at lunchtime on the slopes, you can enjoy this magnificent resort without excessively lightening the wallet.

The grocery stores in Vail will make it possible to prepare your own lunch and bring it with you on the mountain. Get stocked up on sandwich meats, bread, sports drinks, water, granola bars, and other foods that are conducive to the body during intense exercise. Consider stopping by the Safeway in West Vail or the Sim’s Market on the east side of town. These grocers tend to offer decent prices and feature a good selection of foods.

Bring Lunch With You on the Slopes

There are several ways to go about getting your prepared lunches on the slopes. Families and large groups may prefer to bring a cooler. Those with vehicle access can park near the base of the mountain and leave their lunches in the vehicle. If taking the shuttle, one great place to leave your cooler is at one of the Vail Sports locations at Golden Peak, Mountain Plaza, Arabelle, or Lionshead. Basket rentals there are $10 per day.

Sack lunches offer skiers more flexibility concerning lunchtime options. Daytime locker rentals on the mountain go for as little as four dollars. Visitors will find the most accessible and affordable lockers available at the base of the Gondola near the bathroom facilities, at Eagles Nest and Mid Vail.

Another option that affords skiers the ultimate in convenience on the slopes is to purchase a hydration backpack, which can cost as little as $25 at sporting goods stores or Costco. This handy implement can store cool water to keep you hydrated, as well as keep your lunch contained. No locker is necessary, and you can stop any time and enjoy your meal at the picnic tables located on the mountain. These backpacks are reusable for many other adventures, and they are well worth the minimal investment.

Cheap Eats at Vail Resort, It Can Be True

Thrifty skiers that want to take a chance with eating out while on the mountain or near its base, have a few reasonably priced options. Many locals bring along some energy bars and then indulge in a hot bowl of soup for lunch. A decent burger and fries plate are available at the Two Elk Lodge near the China Bowl. Tucked away in a parking garage near Lionshead, there is a Subway chain restaurant, which offers foot long sandwiches for seven dollars.

As you can see, lunchtime in Vail does not have to break the bank. Using some of these ideas can save you quite a bit of money in the food department, thus allowing you to enjoy a stress-free holiday on these dynamic slopes.

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