How To Not Get Raccoon Eyes – Be Smart, Sunblock It

Wanna Look Like A Raccoon? Where No Sunblock & Don’t Take Your Ski Goggles Off All Day!

Vail, Colorado is between eight and ten thousand feet in ascension and has a regular influx of skiers that vacation there each year. Experienced skiers learn quickly that sunblock is necessary during the Winter. You do not want to learn this the hard way, but having one bad case of raccoon eyes will usually get the message through loud and clear. In Wintertime you must be routinely using sunscreen, on your face and exposed skin.

Raccoon eyes are what the Vail locals call a goggle or sunglasses tan. For some, it’s a reward for many epic days on the snow, worn as almost a badge of honor. However, these days getting a bit of a golden glow is cool, but beware that excessive sun exposure may lead to serious issues.

To give some perspective on the issue, let us consider what the sun exposure for walking, hiking or skiing in the Vail Mountain area would be like, during the peak of the ski season. Sunscreen benefits have been studied before in this region and the clinical findings were definite, it was found that wearing sunscreen is important anywhere, whether walking or snow skiing in high elevations. In fact, it recommended throughout the whole Winter Season.

Walking Around Vail

It is important to use sunscreen as part of any skier’s per-slope routine, even when just walking through the Vail town streets outdoors. At only the town’s level of elevation, there is quite high UV ray exposure. As we travel and there are changes in elevation, the UV radiation increases steadily. Even in this relatively less risky elevation, it is important to protect the skin from UV exposure because of health risks it could cause.

Hiking on Vail Mountain

Weather conditions on the mountainsides vary as the elevation increases. The weather changes go from overcast to sunny and cloudless skies rapidly all the time with temperatures shifting between 70 to 80 degrees. So even well paced hiking with breaks can lead to high UV radiation levels. Even at 8,000 feet, the goal has to be, regular intense and consistent application of sunscreen on all exposed areas, at regular intervals.

Skiing on Vail Mountain

The snow is most reflective and shiny when it gets slick and icy. The rays absorbed and reflected in the snowy slopes. Although it happens so quickly, this kind of gives way to ooverexposureto UV’s and sunburns easily. You can sunburn quicker on Vail Mountain than out at the poolside in sthe ummertime. When people ski and snowboard, literally at nine thousand feet the UV radiation is more than 45 percent higher than normal levels. Again the findings are clear, Keep out of the direct sunlight when not engaged in snow sport activities, even then be very careful.

Vail mountain and the town of Vail surrounding, are just the perfect vacation getaway, but be sure to play things safe. The snow and sun make a wonderful combination, but like everything must be taken in moderation. Have fun skiing and snowboarding this season.

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