Top 5 Ways to Maximize Your Day On Vail Mountain

A Colorado vacation is not complete with out going to Vail Mountain for snow skiing, adventures and the scenic wonderland that is all around. There is something to be said for planning your vacation time well, but most often visitors plan for a single day on this mountain and find themselves overwhelmed by lines, overcrowding and fully booked restaurants. All that is actually necessary is a little planning before you go on vacation.

These are the top 5 ways to maximize your day on Vail Mountain in Colorado.

Bring A Wintertime Wardrobe

When traveling to the Rocky Mountains your priority should be to dress correctly for Winter weather. Vail Mountain is sure to be a snowy landscape early into the Winter season, or before then. Dressing for Wintertime requires layering of clothes, warm socks, waterproof gloves, mittens, hats, foot warmers, face masks, scarfs, goggles, sunglasses, waterproof hiking boots and plenty of sunblock for the high direct mountain sunlight.

Arrive Early At The Mountain

Be an early bird on the mountain to avoid the major crowds that build up daily. Starting your day of skiing activities before 8 in the morning will make the day go more timely, because in another hour or so everyone will be converging on the Vail Mountain slopes. If possible try to ski the front of the mountainside in the afternoon, but if you are dependent on the lift schedules then you may have to take what you can get.

Book Activities Ahead of Time

Almost everything you will need for your day at Vail Mountain can be booked ahead of time by a travel agent or through an online service. Skiing, lift tickets, lodging, instruction and all your daily activities are generally better in price if you reserve them ahead, but more importantly, this helps prevent finding that there is nothing available for accommodations or activities.

Make Reservations For Dining

Many travelers do not consider making reservations for their daily dining or grocery needs before a trip, but in a place like Vail Mountain it can be very prudent to do so. Most of the local mountain restaurants are booked weeks or months in advance all year round. If you plan it right, you can arrange for some groceries to be delivered to your lodging personally by the local grocery.

Extend Your Stay By One Day

One sure way to make your vacation less rushed and more fun is simple, just stay an extra day. This may not be something that would normally be a consideration, but it is the easiest way to get more time on the mountain to ski and it allows more time to spend on each activity that you might want to do. By not having to cram all your plans into one 24 hour period, your time is less hurried and the entire trip becomes less stressful. You are already at Vail Mountain, why not stay one more day.

Follow these rules and your Vail vacation will be more epic than ever.

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