2011 Ski Season Is Fast Approaching – Are You In Shape?

Maximize Your Skiing & Snowboarding This Season By Being In Shape

The Vail Mountain 2011-2012 ski season is right around the corner; what are you doing to get ready for it? Chances are, if you’re like most of us, not much!! Sad but true, most of us would rather raise a beer than a barbell. Well would-be-skiers, there is a solution. Pre-season ski conditioning classes are often the way to go to help you strengthen and tone for those steep slopes and mogul runs awaiting your visit to the Vail Valley.

Strength Conditioning for Skiing At Vail Cascade

Here in the Vail area, the Cascade Resort and Spa offers one of the best conditioning classes available. Almost two hours long, it gives both men and women the chance to see just how out of shape you are through running drills, exercises to target specific muscle groups used in skiing and additional gym apparatus work to hit other key spots needed to show off your expertise on all those mountain ski runs.

Wimps need not apply; this is all about getting in shape and ski-ready for all that Vail Mountain has to offer. Don’t believe me? Ready to chance it? Contact #970-476-7400 or log onto their website at www. vailcascade.com. Classes start October 10th and run for 6 weeks, just in time to get you up and ready before the first snow falls.

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