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Five Ways To Avoid Poaching Hotel Hot Tubs In Vail – Have Fun On Your Vail Vacation

What’s Better Than A Hot Tub After A Day On Vail Mountain?

There’s nothing more enticing than taking a dip in a warm hot tub, especially after a long day of skiing where you have pushed yourself, and your muscles, to the limit. For the ultimate thrill-seekers, hotel hot tub poaching is just another way to finish off the day in an extreme fashion. Vail, Colorado is not immune to hot tub poaching with all of the hotels that have hot tubs in plain view.

There are several ways to avoid poaching a hotel hot tub while you are in Vail. As you are reading this you may be saying “I know how to do that” but when you are in the thick of things, your common sense may go out the window. Keep reading to find some seemingly easy ways to avoid poaching a hotel hot tub.

1. Take a “stick in the mud” with you to Vail

When you take someone who is rather boring and plays “by the book” you can almost guarantee you won’t be able to poach the hotel hot tub, much less do anything that’s illegal.

2. Don’t drink alcohol

Sometimes, well, most of the time, we lose our inhibitions when consuming alcoholic beverages. Drinking on top of being sore and tired from a full day on the slopes is just a lethal combination for hot tub poaching. Taking the “stick in the mud” from #1 with you on your ski trip may help you with drinking, or not drinking.

3. Take a hot bath instead

If you are unable to find a hotel hot tub that’s open all hours of the day and night you can opt for a nice warm bath. If you like the bubbling from a hot tub you can purchase one jets that turn your bathtub into an instant hot tub. If you aren’t interested in the jets streaming over those tired, sore muscles you can always get a massage.

4. Ask the hotel to allow you in the tub

If you really don’t find a thrill in “breaking into” another hotel and using the hot tub, you can ask the front desk if they will open the hot tub for you. The answer will most likely be “no” but it’s worth a shot.

5. Find a local with a hot tub

It’s easy to pick up someone when you’re on vacation. You can be anyone you want to be and the other person will never know if you are being truthful. Pick up someone local and make sure they have a hot tub. Use their hot tub rather than breaking into the hotel hot tub. After your soak give the homeowner a fake number and be on your way.

Poaching hotel hot tubs is an exciting way to end your day at Vail. Rather than running the risk of getting caught at the hotel and potentially losing your accommodations you can use one of the five tips above and still achieve the same end result: getting a good soak for those tired, sore muscles.

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